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By changing the way of reaching out to your target group, Salespod helps you build a highly scalable revenue channel for your business.

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Easy, straightforward and transparent.
Salespod is your digital service for more high-quality leads.
Number 1
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Based on your CRM data, your personas and your ICP (= ideal customer profile), we generate highly qualified leads and intro calls for your business.

Number 2
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You decide how much calls you need and want.
Depending on the business, you will receive professional conversations (calls) with decision makers and increase the number of relevant sales calls.

Number 3
Transparent pricing
due to 'pay-per-lead' model

You know best what your business needs.
We'll make sure your needs are met.

Depending on industry and ICP, we'll fill your pipeline faster than anyone else.
The good thing: you only pay for what you use.


Get a sense of what we offer - examples by persona's industry:

Marketing & Advertisement:   15 new leads (scheduled calls) per week

Financial services:   12 new leads (scheduled calls) per week

High-Tech / Deep-Tech:   7 new leads (scheduled calls) per week

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A typical sales outreach in 2022:
“Is [product] something you’d be interested in?”
Conversion Rate = max. 1 %

The salespod outreach:
"Would you like to be the guest in the [name] podcast?"
Conversion Rate = 8 % or more

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Why a podcast drives revenue

Close high ticket deals faster and stop wasting your teams time and money on cold outreaches with low conversion rates.
Salespod accelerates your digital sales with ease.
Number 1
Talk directly to the decision makers

Your own podcast will introduce you directly to the decision makers in your industry.
By inviting them to your podcast and giving them a stage to show and sell themselves you provide direct value.

Number 2
Valuable relationships and insights

While talking to your guests you build relevant relationships with your prospects faster than everybody else in your industry. This leads to valuable insights and a better understanding of your customer’s current situation, problems and needs.

Number 3
Higher closing rates and shorter sales cycles

With all that important information from your prospect you will be able to sell your product with a higher closing rate in less time.
Your scaleable podcast revenue channel is born.

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A phone showing the Digital Growth Podcast

Our revenue story:
The Digital Growth Podcast

With over 125+ episodes in a year and a half our podcast Digital Growth has become our best performing sales channel. But how exactly did it all start and what is the idea behind it?

In July 2020, Digital Growth went online with its first episode. The mission was to provide first hand growth experience from founders. We wanted to give our audience something of value. Something they could apply directly to their business.
We started to invite people to for a quick get-to-know to speak with them about a possible collaborative episode. In these get-to-knows we were able to connect with our guests on a very personal and pleasant level.
One thing became clear very quickly after the first couple of episodes:
Our guests reached out to us asking if we could support them with their growth tasks. Our guests soon became customers. As an agency that is the best thing that can happen.
Today, we have an average of 10 get-to-know calls and 2 published episodes per week with our podcast.
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A podcast sounds like a lot of work?

Not with salespod! Our experienced team will do almost everything for you.
Creating the concept for the podcast, identifying the target audience, automated and targeted guest acquisition, publishing and social promotion. Your only job is to promote your product, have conversations and build relationships with your guests.
Podcast process with salespodStart your Podcast-Led sales today

Grow your business with salespod

Become the leading voice of your industry. Over 10 million people in Germany actively listen to podcasts. Worldwide it's 383.7 million according to Insider Intelligence. Podcasts became a powerful tool in every company's toolbox.

Social Selling

Your podcasts is a great way to promote yourself, your company and your product.
With tons of great content pieces that get reposted by your podcast's guests you will generate organic leads on all your channels.

Social Selling
Employer Branding
Employer Branding

Candidates are hard to find and the competition gets bigger and bigger due to the ongoing digitisation and flexibility in work environments.
A podcast will help you build strong relationships with your audience. Candidates will apply for a job even before you've published any offers.

Brand awareness

A single podcast episode will be recycled into videos, articles, social media clips, and more.
Your podcast will change the way you looked at demand generation and brand building in times of dark social and social selling.

Brand awareness
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